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Happy New Year 2016 from Absolute Beginners Ukulele
Kathy and the Ukulele Entertainers
Absolute Beginners 2015 update


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Happy New Year 2016 from Absolute Beginners Ukulele

I would like to wish you all a very happy new year of good friends, good health and lots of love for the ukulele. 
last year in 2015 was a wonderful year of fun
 laughter and song for Kathy and the Ukulele Entertainers and Absolute Beginners Ukulele.
lots of new students, new songs, new venues to perform.
I've started teaching children which has been enlightening for me.
i hope 2016 brings the same joy to you all.
love Kathy xx

Kathy and the Ukulele Entertainers

Lots of updates since my last visit.
Top of the list : My group name when we perform together is " Kathy and the Ukulele Entertainers "
it just evolved over two years because the group are not beginners any more, so we couldn't be called Absolute Beginners on stage. We are available for private functions, too.
Next on the list : I have started teaching children from the age of 7. Plus I am finishing a Children's
Ukulele songbook and manual this month, which will be available on line soon.


Muldoons Poster
Muldoons Poster
Join the sing a long party at Muldoons  4-6pm First Friday of the month.

Absolute Beginners 2015 update

It's a brand new year !!! and great success with the school, new students, new challenges, and new friends through music.
Our Muldoons monthly gig on the first Friday of every month. is going very well, to packed houses and repeat listeners. The sing a long has proven to be a bit hit. 
SO much happening in March !!!! Get your diaries ready for these dates.
The local newspaper " Hibiscus Matters" is doing an editorial on Absolute Beginners Ukulele which will be on the shelves or delivered on March 4, 2015.


Xmas sing a long at Muldoons


Last Christmas show of the year at Muldoons. in Dec

YouTube Videos

YouTube videos of us performing can be viewed on my channel "forbsey51"
when you go to the YouTube website….just put "forbsey51" in the search engine to view all videos
of Absolute Beginners and more……Enjoy 

photos from the year of fun

We had a great year playing, practicing, and performing.

Absolute Beginners Practice time

Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka (Hello and  Merry Christmas in Hawaiian ) ! 
What a fantastic year we had. Congratulations to all my students who have worked hard and practiced, really improved, and performed over the year.
We were filmed for a TV show in Matakana and in Manly, which will be broadcast in February.
We have a monthly gig at Muldoons on the first Friday of every month, which has been so successful. I took my courses to Warkworth, which unfortunately had to be discontinued before the end of the year.

Eleluku Performing on Stage #3

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Eleluku performing at Rosmini College competition Oct 17, 2
Singing "Shake, Rattle and Roll"
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