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I was taught how to play the ukulele in Hawaii over 14 years ago, before the ukulele craze took off in NZ and I still visit  my teacher's ukulele groups each time I go  the islands. There is a real gap in the market in New Zealand for teaching adults how to play the ukulele. The children are taught in schools. There are a  number of web sites showing you how to play on short videos, but it is not the same as playing in a group. I love to play in a group. It just puts a smile on my face. It's such a fun, happy instrument that you can pack up and take anywhere.

Absolute Beginners courses began in April 2013. Through this past year, I taught many students in Warkworth at Kourawhero Hall,  I have taught doctors, nurses, midwifes, lawyers, teachers, university students, servicemen, mid wives,  husband and wife couples and also taught  intermediate level at Selwyn Community College night classes in Auckland  and many others. People from all walks of life and all ages from 20 - 80, all  wanting to learn to play the ukulele. I gave the patients at the Hospice in Whangaparaoa a lesson. I have performed at parties for a ukulele sing-a -long before Christmas.  My students and I were filmed for a Maori TV show, called "Tales on the Trails"  which will broadcast in NZ from March 13, 2015. This program is still available to watch on line.  We perform a two hour "sing-a-long " gig on the first Friday of every month at Muldoon's in Orewa between 4-6pm. We had to create a new name for the group, after two years.
We are known as "Kathy and the Ukulele Entertainers" and we do themed performances, country, rock and roll, flower power, best of British, and Island themes.
So, it has been a very busy year.for me.

New update !!!! I am teaching children now, in private lessons. I'm also writing a children's ukulele song book, which will be available soon for purchase.

No one is teaching ABSOLUTE BEGINNER adults from scratch. You buy a ukulele overseas or locally, because your children play or you think it will be easy to teach yourself. Much to your surprise, it's not that easy and you put it away in a cupboard, just  gathering dust.  I want to teach you the correct and easy way. It's more difficult to reverse bad habits from learning the incorrect way of playing from the internet or books.

ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS will show you how to have fun and play your new ukulele. I will teach you how to perform a song, not just play a song !  I will also teach you some Hawaiian songs and the hula, as well. Learn how to play " Happy Birthday" and surprise your friends and family when you call them on their birthday. Learn fun, sing-a -long party songs, LIke " Ain't she sweet" and "5 foot  two "

As a result, I have put together a simple learning method, which I will guarantee you will love and learn how to strum, play, and sing along. Satisfaction guaranteed....If you are not completed satisfied, I will personally refund your money. My Absolute Beginner courses rely on satisfaction.  A large percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.

I have a number of people taking private lessons, where they progress much quicker on a one to one basis. Bookings by appointment in Manly only.

Why wait any longer !!!!!!!!! 

So call Kathy on 021 902 736 or email: forbsey@xtra.co.nz for more information and to answer any of your questions. Read the testimonials of satisfied customers in my blog, too.  My blog is updated regularly with new information on the courses and photos of my students.



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